A Healing Testimony


I am still amazed at what God has done for me. Even today, I look at myself and am amazed and excited that I able to do those things which I couldn't do myself for two years.  Praise God!

Since September 2013, I have been very ill.  Many times I was terribly down and unable to look after my kids. Thank God for friends who helped me when I needed help the most.  My pastor never stopped showing concern over my health. Countless times he prayed and asked the church to pray for me.

Tests and X-rays did not diagnose anything specific which was so frustrating, as my health was deteriorating. Then earlier this year, the doctors found that I had a serious deficiency of Vitamin D.  This explains the weak bones, swollen legs and very weak muscles. I also suffered from arthritic pains, weakness all over and self-pity, and the idea of suicide was almost irresistible.  It got so bad that before and after taking a short walk, I would have to take strong painkillers to suppress the pains in my legs. When the painkillers couldn't handle the situation anymore, I felt death was the best choice! By nature, I am an active person, so when I had to be supported by friends to be able to walk, nothing was more frustrating than this!

Then it happened! It was on a Sunday afternoon in my church, during the Communion service.  That Sunday was the height and peak of my suffering. Somehow, as I watched the young girl with the communion plate, I told myself that ‘this was it!’ as my pastor prayed over the communion and began prophesying ‘that which was dead in you is coming back to life’; I knew he was talking to me!

As I took the communion that Sunday, I swore, ''I will never have concerns over my health again!  Never will I have to pray about this situation! This is it!!''  Yes! That was it! Since that Sunday, 4 wks ago, I have been whole. I mean whole!  When you cannot not walk all by yourself, when you have to depend on drugs to walk just for 10 mins, and all of a sudden, you begin to jump and run, you know for sure that a miracle has taken place!

A few days later, after my healing, I went to buy Trainers! Hallelujah! God has not ceased healing people! I am eternally grateful to God for making me well for life!


Eloho Inibi