Open Office

Every Friday morning Pastor Desmond and the Community Worker, Jo, host the Open Office.  It is an opportunity for people to come in for prayer, counselling or just a chat.  We all go through difficult or challenging times, or need to talk through a decision that needs to be made.  This is a safe and informal place where those who are Christians, or of any other faith or denomination, can receive help to move through their issues.  

Manna Foodbank Staines

KLC regularly collects and delivers food and other household items to the foodbank ready to help those in need in our area.  Manna was founded in to help individuals and families who have experienced a crisis of some type.   All it takes is a sudden, unexpected event – a bereavement, illness, redundancy or theft – to throw people into a genuine crisis. The Food Bank provides local families and individuals with essential food supplies at a time when they need them most, covering the days or sometimes weeks before other parts of the social care infrastructure can come into play.  We have a drop box which is regularly taken to the bank for anyone wishing to leave non-perishable food or cleaning items.


Buckland's Sure Start Children's Centre

KLC support the Buckland Children’s Centre, which is the local Sure Start initiative.  Their goal is to help every child reach their full potential by focussing on healthy lifestyles, good socialisation skills and relationships with others.  They encourage a positive attitude to learning and development with additional help with any difficulties that are encountered, but also helping those in need to access the services and support that can help them.  Jo is on their advisory board and is working to provide opportunities for families to be involved and integrated into our church family and other churches in the local community.