Who's Who?



Pastor Desmond Egharevba

Desmond is a man that puts God at the heart of all he does. He is a man of prayer and an anointed Bible teacher. He believes that it is only in the love of God our Father that we can really be who we were made to be. The starting place for knowing who we really are, is  knowing who God really is.  Desmond works for a national charity group that offers services to local councils, and his hobbies are current affairs and reading.




Pastor Patricia Egharevba

Patricia is married to Desmond and they have four girls. She is a woman who is passionately in love with Jesus and is a gifted Bible teacher. Patricia is a pastor and a member of the leadership team with the oversight of the Sunday school department, women’s ministry and home group. She is a clinical nurse specialist with an NHS trust in London and her hobbies include going to the gym, singing and shopping.




Dele Olaleye - Worship Leader and Treasurer

Dele has a heart of worship and a passionate and engaging style as a worship leader.  He is able to inspire people to draw closer to God in worship.  He is a founder member of KLC.  Dele is a man whose life and ministry demonstrate that with God all things are possible. Dele is a civil engineer for a local authority in London His hobbies include singing, reading, running and watching movies and tennis.




Fred Okotie - Church Leader and Outreach Co-ordinator

Fred is also a founder member and is married to Christine.  He is warm and compassionate and has a gift in bringing the Bible to life and matching biblical theology to modern day application.  He is dedicated to youth work and outreach.





Simeon Sturney - Pastoral Care and Men's Ministry

Simeon has been married to Julie for over 30 years and they have 2 children.  He is also a regular preacher at KLC. He has an encouragement ministry and enjoys working with those in the margins of society.  Simeon's full time job is as the Managing Chaplain in a Women's prison, where he is licensed to minister as a Chaplain by the Elim Pentecostal church.   In his spare time Simeon enjoys walking, swimming and foreign travel.